About Central Pittsburgh Women's Hockey

The Central Pittsburgh women’s hockey team was re-established in 2002 to re-unite a core group of dedicated hockey players in the area who had participated in the first U-19 Women’s/Girl’s league in Pittsburgh.

Central’s current mission is to give upper level women’s hockey players a new alternative in the Pittsburgh area. The team is a Mid-Am district national qualifier for the USA Hockey Women’s National Tournament. The team has participated with varying degrees of success in the Senior B and Senior C divisions.

The team has a number of games scheduled against competition from the Mid-Atlantic regions, including teams from Maryland and New York, as well as teams from Canada. For our full schedule, click here.


About The Team

Central Pittsburgh is primarily comprised of players with high to elite level experience. The team has former high school, AAA, NCAA and ACHA players. We are always looking for new players. If you are interested in playing for Central, please use the contact form at the bottom of the page or get in touch with us via Facebook.


Central Pittsburgh Schedule

November 4-6, 2016

@ Cleveland Women's Classic

Cleveland, OH


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